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Scottish Highland Beef - $5.00/lb hanging weight


We began our fold of Scottish Highland cattle in 2010 and have grown steadily from our first two cows and their two calves to our current size of over 40 cows. Our cattle are rotated on pasture during the summer and fed hay over the winter that we raise ourselves. Our steers are on pasture for much of their lives and some may be finished with a little grain to help get them to the desired finish weight.

The highland's shaggy coat provides warmth in the cooler months resulting in a leaner and healthier beef while maintaining good marbling and excellent flavor. Beef is sold by the quarter, half or whole steer priced at $5.00/lb hanging weight. Expect 140-160 lbs per quarter with the final product weight being about 60% of the hanging weight. A $200 down payment is necessary to secure your order.

For those with less freezer space, we will offer eighths at $5.50/lb hanging weight. Bulk beef will be processed and available for pickup in the fall.

Bulk Beef Order
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