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Cattle in the pasture
Farming brothers
Checking us out from the water tank
Logo no white
Baby chicks arrived!
The pigs sure took down their first paddock!
Can I tell you a secret?
Double rainbow in the background, contently grazing cattle in the foreground. Life is good
A little too free range
Hanging out in the crowd
A paddock shift
New pigs
Itchy nose
Myrtle resting
Lulu and her calf
Chicken Coop
Lena and Lulu
On the lookout
15 year old Sophie with her new heifer calf #highlands #springonthefarm
Calves resting
Proud rooster
Staring contest
Looking good
Cattle in the distance
Peering over her shoulder
Chickens crowding the yard
Pigs feeding
Walking through the pasture
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