Phone: 414-659-2676

Address: 2586 Lalor Road, Oregon, WI 53575

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Where to Buy

We are now open Wednesdays 4-6pm & Saturdays 9am-12pm!

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Direct Ordering

We sell directly off the farm on Wednesdays and Saturdays. For other questions or inquiries, e-mail us directly by clicking the link below.

Our Products

Scottish Highland Beef

We began our fold of Scottish Highland cattle in 2010 and have grown steadily from our first two cows and their two calves to our current size. Our cattle are rotated on pasture during the summer and fed hay over the winter. The highlander's shaggy coat provides warmth in the cooler months resulting in a leaner and healthier beef while maintaining good marbling and excellent flavor.  


Our beef is available in bulk (quarters, halves and wholes) as well as by the cut. We also provide beef to many restaurants and corporate kitchens around the Madison area.  





Pastured Pork

Our piglets are purchased weaned from a local farmer who raises pastured hogs. We rotate them throughout our pastures much like we do with the cattle; so these heritage pigs spend the summer foraging for roots, nuts and acorns, lounging in the sun, and generally enjoying being pigs. As an added bonus, pastured pork has exceptional flavor.

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