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You have pigs too?!

While we primarily think of ourselves as beef farmers, our other livestock play an important role in regenerating and healing the land.

They are also super tasty!

When I transitioned to full-time farming, one of the first things we added to the farm was a small group of pigs. Pigs are a great add-on for us for several reasons: they are seasonal, they love to compost, and they compliment our bulk beef purchasing options.

Pigs arrive on our farm in early May. Unlike the cows which are here year-round, we purchase 8 week old pigs once they have been weaned off their mommas. When they arrive at the farm, they go out to pasture in the training area to learn the electric fence and get used to us bringing them treats every day. Once trained, we rotate them in a similar fashion to the cows, moving as needed so they have fresh ground to explore and root for goodies like fallen nuts and apples which they eat in addition to the supplemental feed we give them.

So how do you get some of this delicious, home-grown pork? We primarily sell pork by the half and whole pig. Just like our bulk beef option, on half and whole hogs, you'll be able to make all the cutting decisions such as how thick you'd like your chops, how many pounds you'd like your roasts, the type of sausages you'd like and, of course, BACON! Our order form is available on our website but act quickly. We only do 10 pigs a year and they sell out quickly. More info on pricing is available on the order form.

You're more than welcome to come out and visit the pigs and all of our animals any time. Give us a call or send us an email and we'll show you just how happy our animals are when raised on pasture and sunshine.

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