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What's your favorite steak?!

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

"What steak should I get?" "Which steak is best?" "What's your favorite steak?" I get these questions all the time at the farmers' market! One of the unique things about our beef options is that not only do we have your basic t-bone, porterhouse and sirloin steaks, we have a whole variety of steaks (and roasts!) that are unique and hard to find elsewhere. Let's dive into the world of Highland Spring Farm's steaks!

Classic Grilling Steaks

These are the steaks that can go directly from your grill to your plate and make a delicious meal. Tenderloin, ribeye, New York strip, porterhouse, t-bone and sirloin steaks make up this category.

Ribeye - This steak has the most marbling of the steaks. It's a great combination of flavor and tenderness. On the Keto diet? This steak is for you! Enjoy ours bone-in and cut 1.25" thick. Weighing in between a pound and a pound and a half, this is a meal (or two or three!).

Tenderloin - As its name implies, this is the most tender steak and with that tenderness comes a price (see below for the cost conscious alternative: Teres Major). While its the most expensive steak per pound, most steaks are small weighing in between 1/3 and 2/3 of a pound. Perfect on the grill or wrapped in bacon for extra flavor. (Get Highland Spring Farm bacon when you order a half or whole hog. Learn more about our pigs here!)

New York Strip - A great combination of flavor and tenderness, these well-marbled steaks will make anyone's mouth water! These steaks tend to be about 2/3-3/4 of a pound and are one of my favorites!

T-Bone & Porterhouse - Get the best of both words with a t-bone or porterhouse steak! With a T-shaped bone in the middle, these steaks are comprised of half tenderloin and half New York strip. The main difference between the t-bone and the porterhouse is the size of the tenderloin with the porterhouse will having the larger tenderloin portion. These work especially well when feeding a large group as everyone can share both sides of the steak.

Sirloin - Last, but certainly not least, the sirloin is our most economical of the grilling steaks. It's also one of the most flavorful steaks we have. If you value flavor above tenderness, this steak is for you. And, you'll be pleased with just how tender a delicious sirloin is when grilled!

Which is our favorite? Its hard to pass up a good ribeye and ours are fantastic! The T-bone is our second favorite as it's two steaks in one. You can't go wrong with either!

Unique Steaks to Highland Spring Farm

In addition to the classic grilling steaks, we also have a variety of steaks that are unique to us. Typically these steaks require a little bit more preparation prior to eating. However, unlike the classic grilling steaks, there are only two of each of these per animal. Luckily, we can usually find a suitable replacement!

Skirt & Flank - By far the most popular of the rare cut, the skirt and flank are great for fajitas, steak salads, etc. Grilled medium rare and sliced against the grain, these thin steaks have excellent flavor! The skirt tends to have a little more fat on it and the flank tends to be a bit leaner but they are both fantastic but come early as we often sell out the first weekend after picking up fresh beef.

Bavette - This is a super-sized skirt steak. Also known as the sirloin flap, the bavette has all the marbling of a skirt but is about twice the size. An excellent choice if feeding a larger group of people.

Flat Iron - The flat iron steak is a great alternative for flank steak. It's also thin and lean and tastes great sliced against the grain. It takes a marinade well and will be sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Hanger - An overlooked alternative to skirt and flank, the hanger also does well on the grill and sliced thin. It tends to be a little bit thicker compared to the steaks above. The hanger comes from the diaphragm muscle on the steer. Tons of flavor in this steak as well but with only one per animal, they go quickly!

Sirloin Tip - A versatile steak that can be prepared a variety of ways. It's a great alternative for any of the above steaks. We love it for Philly cheese steak sandwiches or on a steak salad. It's also our most economically priced steak!

Teres Major - Love tenderloins but don't love the price? The Teres Major is the steak for you. Coming from the shoulder of the animal, this cut is a half step down in terms of tenderness but packed with flavor. Any whole tenderloin recipe works well for this cut - our favorite is sliced thin with a horseradish cream sauce!

Chuck-eye - Like the teres major, the chuck-eye is a cost conscious alternative to ribeyes. Cut from the very best part of the chuck, these steaks are extremely well marbled and have excellent flavor. Try them out, especially if you like ribeyes!

Culotte - Also known as the sirloin cap or picanha in Brazil, the culotte will wow everyone at your table. A triangle shaped cut with a large fat cap on one side, this steak has the flavor of a sirloin with the tenderness of a New York strip. Grill whole or slice thick and grill as steaks. Add a chimichurri sauce for an unforgettable dinner!

There you have it, all the steaks we currently offer. We're always expanding our selection so let us know if you're looking for something you don't see on our menu! Stop by the farm or the market and try them all summer long!

What's your favorite steak?

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