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We're ready for winter!

For the first time, possibly ever, we are ready for winter before it gets here! Bales are set out for winter feeding, water lines are blown out, Christmas lights are up, and the cattle are fat and happy. The cattle have enjoyed the extra time to graze cover crops and sweet corn stalks and we've spent the last several weeks fencing more pasture and reorganizing the farm store in preparation for Saturday morning farm stands. Half the animals we take in for processing this time of year are for our bulk beef customers who buy a whole, half, quarter or even an eighth beef. For folks who enjoy the staples, have a freezer (an eighth beef should fit in your refrigerator freezer if needed), and like to take advantage of some discounted pricing, bulk beef is a great option.

We also will continue to do our Saturday morning farm store hours (10a-12p) for folks who like to buy individual cuts. If you haven't placed your holiday dinner order yet, there's still time to get a whole tenderloin, rib roast, or whole New York strip roast. Those will be available the week before Christmas for pick up. There are plenty of other delicious cuts in stock now! We'll be restocking one last time before Christmas and New Year's Eve so let us know if you'd like to reserve something. We'd be happy to set it aside for you.

Our farm store schedule for the next few weeks:

Saturday, December 11 - 10a-12p

Saturday, December 18 - 10a-12p

Wednesday, December 22 - 4p-6p

Saturday, January, 8 - 10a-12p

Note the special Wednesday evening hours for your last minute gift giving or take advantage of our gift cards for the perfect stocking stuffer. We can't wait to see you this holiday season!

Have a very, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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