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Tour Our Farm This Spring!

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

With weather warming recently, we're finally letting ourselves think that spring might actually come! We've seen a few plants in the flower beds emerging and can even see spots of grass in the pastures where the snow has melted away. Spring is definitely in the air and all the excitement of planning for the grazing season has started. We're pouring over seed catalogs, making lists of which cattle will graze which pastures, evaluating heifers to breed this summer, preparing for new calves (the first two should be here in a week or so, the rest in April and May) and more.

It's a busy time on the farm! We're also planning for farmers' markets and improving our farm store. It's hard to believe that farmers' market season is just a few weeks away!

Our farm stand has been open for walk-ins and barn side pick-up since the beginning of the pandemic and we plan to continue that this year. We're also adding something new this spring: Farm Tours! Our farm store is open from 10am-12pm and then we'll have a farm tour/Q&A time from 12-12:30 every Saturday in March and early April. With so much melting snow this year, you'll want to bring your mud boots!

Stay tuned for more exciting events this summer as we offer more opportunities to visit the farm, see the animals, and meet your farmers.

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