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This past weekend we opened our farm store up for a few hours and invited you to come purchase some beef for your holiday celebrations. What we didn't realize was how many of you would take time out of your busy schedules - especially this time of year - to support our small, family farm!

Wow! Wow! Wow!

We were thrilled to have so many new and old friends come out to the farm and visit, see the cows, catch up from market season, and buy our beef. We are so excited and proud that our beef with be served during your time of celebration this holiday season.

Of course, the big news on the farm is that we are adding another farmer this winter. Farmers Liam (4) and Odin (2) will become big brothers sometime in late January/early February. So far, Keely's pregnancy is going well and we are celebrating our last Christmas as a family of four. At first, Liam thought the new baby would be a boy because that's what we do but more recently he's thinking it might be a girl because "we don't have one of those!" We'll find out soon enough.

As we spend time reflecting and relaxing this winter, we are thankful for all the wonderful people that support our farm - from neighbors to farmers market customers to chefs to restaurant goers, the list goes on and on. We plan to open our farm up a few more times this winter. If you aren't on our email list, you can join here. Don't worry, we only send a few emails a year and they always include an adorable picture of a cute, fuzzy cow!

We are looking forward to a relaxing holiday season with our families as we prepare to become a family of five! Though, with two crazy boys and a herd of cows, it's hard to do too much relaxing!

Stay tuned for more updates from the farm this winter! We'll be sharing some of our favorite winter recipes and much more! As always, you can get beef from us throughout the year right here at the farm. Just shoot us an email and we can coordinate a time for you to come visit.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Years!

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