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Community Support and Farm Stand Details

We've been absolutely blown away by the support of our community these last few days. Small farms, businesses, and restaurants have been working together to support each other. We've received so many calls, texts, and emails from our customers checking in and looking to support our farm.

There are now several ways to get our product. We are opening our farm stand up from 9am-12pm on Saturday mornings and from 4-6pm on Wednesday evenings here at the farm: 2586 Lalor Road, Oregon, WI. We are working with several other small farms to add products to our farm stand to make it a one-stop shop. You can pre-order our beef for easy pick-up. You can even stay in your car and we'll put it in your trunk for you and take payment through your window! Or, if you aren't sure what you want, you can shop when you get here. Everything will be outside with plenty of room to distance ourselves.

If you aren't going out and about but would still like our products, we've partnered with our good friends at Landmark Creamery. They are offering delivery of their cheeses and other local products including Highland Spring Farm ground beef, snack sticks, and brats.

With restaurants closing, now is a great time to cook some of your favorite dishes or learn to cook using a new cut. We will be featuring some of our favorites as well as ways to use some of our unique cuts. Stay tuned for more details on those!

Once again, we want to thank you for your support. It's been a wild week but these last few days have been so encouraging that we will get through this and come out stronger than before. Hope to see you soon!

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