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Food, Family Farms, and the Pandemic

As the news is flooded with closures, concern, and panic, our family farm continues chugging along. We are, of course, paying attention to the news and working to adjust our practices accordingly. However, the cattle still need to be fed, calving will start soon, and we have full freezers in preparation for the summer markets.

We are exploring various options as to how to get our beef to you, our customers. We recently published our beef cut order form on the Products section of our website. It's our first run at an online order form for individual cuts so give us your feedback on how it works. We will be upgrading and improving the feature as needed. Just place your order and then we'll contact you to arrange pickup. We will be having pickup days at the farm Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. The future is obviously unpredictable however, we're also exploring delivery and shipping options. More to come on that going forward.

Small farms and businesses like ours are most vulnerable during these unpredictable times. Here are some links to other small farms super close by to help fill your grocery needs:




If you don't want to travel out to these restaurants, many offer take out and sell gift cards and could definitely use your support that way!

The best news this morning was that the sun still came up when I woke up. Spring is close and soon flowers will start blooming and grass will turn green. Cute, cuddly, playful calves will be running in the pastures and causing mischief. We'll adapt, learn, and grow. Please reach out and ask if there is a service we could offer that hasn't been mentioned above. As always, thanks for your continued support and the support of our friends, neighbors, and restaurant partners.

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