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Local Origins Film

This summer, we had the opportunity to be involved in a really neat project with some local filmmakers from Dream Lens Media. The Local Origins project explores the relationship between farmers and chefs in the Madison area and how locally-raised food is an important foundation for so many restaurants. We spent several days filming life on the farm: moving cows to fresh pasture, preparing winter feed, fixing fence, etc. We also sat down for an extended interview to share our story and our relationship with the land, cattle and consumer.

Kevin and Carrie walking the pastures for the Local Origins film
Very serious about filming

The project highlights the relationships between three farms and three restaurants and tells the story of the struggles and successes of raising real food. We're excited to share that the first screening for this short film will take place at Brix Cider in Mt Horeb on January 23, 2020. Come hang out with us, enjoy a delicious cider, enjoy the films and stick around for the panel discussion afterwards.

Personally, I can't wait to see our farm and animals in this film. The pictures from our days filming look awesome (and also very serious!) and I can't wait to see it come to life.

What questions do you have about your local food supply chains? Do you seek out restaurants that buy local and support your farming neighbors?

See you on January 23 at Brix!

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